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Should The Government Outlaw Outrageous Bride Price?

1 Mins read

So many of our ladies are ripe for marriage, but can’t do so because potential suitors can’t afford to pay or come up with a long-list of what is meant to be a bride price and other marriage rites. Take it or leave it, some guys on the streets are already speaking out on this, and feel that the government or at least those concerned should work on reducing bride price.

Bride price as you already know is a special part of a long list of items or requirement a potential suitor is asked to come along with when coming to marry a woman in any or almost every part of Nigeria. In the eastern part of Nigeria for example, the tradition demands that a man has to meet with some requirements before he can marry their daughter; and these requirement include parting with some amount of money.

Depending on the part of the east, a potential groom could cough out as high as 100 thousand Naira as bride price before he is considered competent enough to marry their daughter. However, this is not limited to the east alone as other areas in Nigeria have their peculiar way of doing things when it comes to marriage.

So should the government outlaw outrageous bride price in order to simplify the process of traditional marriages?

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