Should Parents Be Involved In Settling Disputes In Their Children’s Marriage?


Parents are happier when things are going according to plans in their children’s marriage. They love to tell the whole world how happily married their children are and how blessed they are to have things going as planned. However, parents can sometimes become too desperate—they want to get involved in everything that happens to their children in marriage. They love to know every tiny details; including meddling in those little disputes. While some observers don’t see anything wrong with meddling, others are of the view that parents should limit their roles to offering tips and advice when those involved grant them permission to do so.

The question for today is: should parents be involved in settling disputes in their children’s marriage? Tradition of course permits meddling by parents, but what does the society and various religious institutions say about this? Perhaps, there are parents who think and feel that they need to protect the rights of their children; regardless of whether they are married or not. Such parents love to find out every detail and do not hesitate to investigate the cause of causes of disputes in their children’s marriage.

Should parents grant their children total freedom as soon as they get married or continue to settle disputes or meddle in their affairs?


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