Should I Go Ahead and Remarry?


rocky relDear Readers: Should I go ahead and remarry?

How should I start this story? I met “my husband” about three years ago, after dating for a while; we decided that we should make it official. Two months before our wedding day he went on a business deal abroad, a week to our traditional wedding, he wasn’t back. I called severally, he didn’t pick or return my calls, then three days later, I got a call saying that he has been very busy and has been trying to seal the deal and that someone would represent him at the ceremony, I immediately got irritated, and was going to call everything off, but considering all I had put into it I decided to go ahead. He promised that he would be back the next week, and that we would relocate to The United States.

The day came and went, one week after he didn’t show up, after two months he still did not show up, now it’s been three years and has been promising to come back and is still not here.

In the first place can I consider myself married or go ahead and get married to someone else. So many guys have been coming to meet me, and I’ve been turning them down. What should I do?


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