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Unanswered Questions

Should A Woman Secretly Build A House Without Telling Her Husband?

1 Mins read

Marriage is expected to bring out the best out of couples. They are supposed to pull resources together, and jointly move from one level to another. To succeed, they need to find a common ground for agreement; after all, they got married because there was an understanding. However, a few marriages have crashed, while some are experiencing turbulent times because the woman has a house somewhere that she secretly built without the knowledge of the man. The man finds out, and the centre no longer holds.

If your wife secretly acquires a land, builds a house, and even furnishes it without letting you know about it, what would you do? Would you consider this as a betrayal of trust or simply move ahead without raising dusts about it? Does it hurt you if your wife has turned the corner ahead of you, and now has a house built in her name? What if you found out about the house from a third party; would you confront her or hold on the fire for a while to know if she would tell you?

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