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Questions Of Love

1 Mins read

The word love is the very essence for the existence of the universe.

Why does one love?
Is it to find an escape from the pains of loneliness or
Is it to feel the warmth of fulfillment that it brings to one’s heart?
To me, love is the essential of all being.
One cannot exist without the love of another.
To live for another makes a life complete in every way.
Each beat of one’s heart, each breath, each small thought signifies a
Small part of a love that is shared with another.

Who does one love?
Are two people destined to come together or
Is it by chance alone?
Only one’s heart can tell when love has come.
It can feel the longing desire from it’s deepest point and
It can feel the overpowering attraction when they are close.
One loves whom his heart has chosen and
My heart has chosen you.

When does one love?
Does one share their love in the soft mist of the early morning or
In the crisp breeze of the darkening night?
Those that are truly in love know no night or day, no dark or light.
Love is a continuous thing.
My love for you continues to grow throughout every second of time.

Why, Who, When, they all tie together,
For my love covers each of these.
Why, because you are what I have dreamed about.
Who, my heart tells me that you are the one I’ve been searching for.
When, now and throughout eternity.
My love for you shall never cease to exist
For there is no end to true love.

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