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My One True Love pt(1)


This story is being written with both a happy heart and a very sad one too. It is a true life story -and this is not to say that the other stories have been fiction.

This is a story of someone who means the world to me and will always do. Even though she is married now … Yeah yeah yeah, am sure you are all calling me a nutter but it is a story I just have to share. Maybe it’s a way to get closure and tie a nice pink ribbon around this chapter of nice life *winks*.

Here it goes. She was my true love, my life, my world and she taught me the true meaning of the word “LOVE”. The postcard says it all in a simple statement but I actually let go of my soul mate.

Well, hard to believe I am writing and pouring my heart out on a piece of paper, but I do need to inform people out there that true love, really exists. I found mine many years ago, say about 20 years ago but I made the biggest mistake of letting her go. I remember her lovely smile, laughter, her bright eyes and warm heart.

She was truly God sent and she had it all. It started back then when I was an undergraduate in the university, a young freshman trying to make the best of complete freedom. I was just a simple guy, trying to enjoy life to the fullest, sleep with as many girls I could and have fun like “mad”, in short I was a “Jack the lad”. And as such I partied non stop and dated (I’m using that word dated very very loosely) many girls. I had a certain weakness for the opposite sex. Until I met her … her name means “I thank you Lord for wealth”.

For the purpose of this story, and seeing that every character needs a name I’ll call her Joy. Not just because she brought joy to my life but also for the fact that I’d like to protect her identity. But maybe my close friends and people who knew her then or went to the same university can hazard a guess.

I met Joy while driving out of my rented apartment back then in Uni days. I noticed a cute girl walking down the road, I slowed down just to catch a glimpse of the gal, she was so cute, our eyes locked as I drove past her. She was just dead simple. Simple in the sense that she had no makeup on, had her hair done in the traditional way, a hairstyle called shuku. (A popular hairstyle worn by our grandmothers in their own era, for those of you who don’t know what shuku is). LOL.

The first thing that came to my mind was “gosh she is cute” but immediately followed it up with a “hell no, how could a whole me, an aspiring BIG boy on campus be caught dead with such a simple girl”. All I wanted back then in school was date the happening gals with designers clothes, shoes, nice makeup, nails with good manicure and all the works. I just drove into the afternoon and my thoughts wondering off, thinking of which girl would be my next victim.

I hardly believed in the word “destiny” back then or better still as fate would have it, I saw her again a day later and discovered she lived very close to my house. Life went on as usual and I tried not to think about the girl I never met but I drove past her house almost every day, hoping I would see or meet her on the road again but it never happened. With no sign of her in the neighborhood I began my investigation for more info on my mystery lady. Result! I discovered that her dad was a lecturer in the university, and the first thing I did was to find out if he lectured any of my courses. Just didn’t want to fail any of my courses but it didn’t matter then because I still failed some anyways.

Days went by and it turned into weeks, I had kind of forgotten her because the opportunity never came up to meet her in person. One day, out of the blue, I was in my apartment and I heard a female voice, gosh I had to open the door just to check who the gal was. Nice voice, but very assertive. I jumped up, wore my pants and opened the door, I almost ran back .She was right in front of my door, talking to my neighbor, who was a born again Christian and that’s a story for another day. It came as a great surprise to discover that my friend next door knew this gal and I guess she must have seen the expression on my face as I ran out through the door. I maintainted a stare as I tried to reduce my speed. The look in her eyes told me she knew I had rushed out of my room to come check her out. I headed straight for the toilet just to cover up , murmuring a “Hi”. Her reply was a simple “hello”. I swear my liver failed me, I lost my nerve. Like a rabbit caught in the the lights I had a mental freeze. Do I stop and try for a full blown conversation, or shake hands. I just couldn’t think what to do.

By now I had a real reason to go to the toilet. Now I had urgent need for the toilet, my lost nerve was now accompanied by lack of bowel control. I flung myself onto the toilet bowl sitting with all of me tense. I could not even chance a fart, least is was too loud and she heard. I stayed in the toilet for few minutes and just listening to her voice which soothed me fine. I sat with my head in my hands while resting my elbows on my knee. A big Cheshire grin on my face as her voice washed over me.

Why didn’t I ask her name, Why did’t I stop and introduce myself? So many questions ran through my mind and I felt like a thief listening to her conversation. I heard her say her goodbye to my neighbour, so right on cue I ran out of the toilet to see her walking away. I watched her walking and swaying her small tiny bum bum (I hope she doesn’t read this o). ha ha ha. But I couldn’t stop staring. Before I knew what was happening, she turned back and caught me staring right at her bum. She smiled, I assumed, that’s the right word to use. I guess she must have also liked what she saw, let me big myself up too jare.

My friendly neighbour got the grilling of his life from me. I want to know everything about Joy I asked him so many questions. The report was good , all good which made me want to meet her more. The coming days got better and we ran into each other couple more times and I just smiled like a bushman, and we just said hello but I knew I had to do more than just saying hello. The opportunity finally presented itself and I took it. I really can’t remember how it happened, just that one day we started having full blow conversations. I feel fate, destiny and hard work were responsible for what happened next. Yes! You heard me right, serious hard work o. We got talking and the more I got to know her, the more I liked her.

Eventually I began to look forward to seeing her, spending time with her, listening to her talk. She had no boyfriend then because she just got out of one relationship. Gosh, you see what I mean when I said destiny had something to do with it. We were destined to be together. We got very close and yes most times I wanted to grab her, make love to her on every occasion but all I did was sit down, listen to her talk, watch her lips move, and my imaginations just kept running wild. The more I wanted her , the more I said she wasn’t my type because she was just naturally simple and had all the qualities I never saw in the type of ladies I would normally date.

For the first time in my life I found myself holding back from sleeping with a girl. I didn’t want to spoil the relationship (as it then was), because I was more into one night stands and quick affairs I was more than too happy when I noticed she cared a great deal as well but there was something so different about her. She was just herself, sweet, loving, caring but also very assertive and will tell you to your face how she feels. She had a sharp tongue and I was opportune to see her use it to great effect on some people. The more we hung-out the more I liked her. I was falling deep. The chemistry was impossible to deny I knew I couldn’t help, but to fall deeper. Oh my Gosh, I could draw the shape of her full blown lips, her soft and tiny bosoms. I could tell from the hugs they were small o. I wasn’t such a coward, by then I was getting to first base, puppy love. But gosh I really wanted her. I couldn’t understand why I was holding back but felt to me like I was so in love with Joy I didn’t want to spoil it. A little bit of it was also the fear that Being Intimate with her may burst the bubble, and I wanted her for keeps.

Joy was everything I ever wanted in a woman, she was a good Christian and God fearing. Loving and delicate, soft and easy to be around. She was my own special brand of virus and I was the terminal. Joy told me she had a fragile health but looking at her, you will never know because she was full of life and vigour. Okay I guess we where reaching the point of no return in our relationship. I knew this because it was becoming very difficult for me to hold down “Johnny boy” every time we made contact. So finally I decided to go in for the kill. I got us take away from a nice restaurant, took her back to my place, had wine and yes, yes I did use candles, it was nice and very romantic. That was when I knew I was in trouble. Is this what they call love? A whole Mr Iyanda, lighting candles, bringing out the romantic side of me.

We had dinner, chatted away thru the night, danced and kissed. The kisses are amazing, now I was back to the naughty kola, and all I did was bring out all the moves I had in my books because I just didn’t want it to stop but she always kind of withdrew whenever we kissed. The kisses were intense, passionate, oh my days. It was a night to remember, because for the first time in my life I knew it wasn’t just sex. All I had learnt was how to Be Intimate but this was extraordinary. It was my body and soul While we were making love, in the heat of the moment, the passion was intense and I heard her murmur, I love you kolawole. Hmmmm it felt right but I wasn’t the loving guy then and I just held back not to say the 3 words …

Wow. So crazy I am writing all this stuff now, almost 20 years later. Afterwards, we just cuddled and held each other so tight, not wanting to let go, her head was placed on my chest and I felt her hot tears gently flowing on my chest. Sobbing quietly I knew I had to get out of this zone. This can’t be happening to me, I didn’t want love yet, or didn’t want the wahala of been committed to just one girl when I still had so many girls I wanted. I joked about something and we busted out laughing. I kissed her tears away and told her there and then that she will always be special to me, and ever since then she was all I talked about, wishing I didn’t let go much later on in the relationship. The beautiful moment was brought to an abrupt end, because she started feeling ill, she had serious pains and I never seen before. It spooked my something fierce. Before I knew what was happening, we were on our way to the school clinic she said we had to hurry. On getting there, right in front of me, she was rushed to the a private ward and I could tell the nurses and doctor were more like her friends.

I followed gently behind, like a well coreographed move the doctor and nurse went to walk on her. Injections to ease the pain, gloucose drip to keep the body hydrated, augmentine antibiotic drip to fight infection. My girl was suffering and I wass clueless and helpless. I was so scared and didn’t know what truly was happening. I was trying to be brave, but at the same time, I also felt like running away. Yes o, the fear was plenty I beg.

I knew she was going through hell and I wanted to be there for her, take away the pain and man up just for her. Like a real superwoman the light in her eyes were not diminished by the terrible pain of sickle cell anemia. I caught her eye through a space created when one nurse moved away. Joy smiled at me and mouthed “are you okay?”. Gbam! Knock out blow. She was just angel. I first taught she wasn’t of this world. Finally the doctors came in, ran some tests and I was brave enough to be with her all through.

She was admitted and I waited until her mum came down to be with her I finally left but I couldn’t sleep, my heart was heavy, my mind was all over the place, thinking what if something bad happens to her. I was scared that I was the last one with her and who brought her to the hospital. Secondly, I just wanted to be back in the hospital just to be with her and to take care of her. I dozed off and the first thing in the morning, I drove straight to the hospital and was at her bedside throughout the day.

Seeing her the next morning was just amazing even though she was in the hospital, she still had that amazing smile and was full of life .She was more concerned about me, asked If had eaten and all. All this just made my love for her grow with time, that I knew I was in love and had special feelings for this beautiful girl right in front of me.

Well folks, people, friends, family member, strangers, if you are still following the true life story of the love of my life .You just have to come back later on. I am so tired and don’t believe it is already 3 am here, I am writing this amazing story about my lost soul mate which dates back to over 20 yrs but with memories, I know I will cherish for the rest of my life. I will continue when I have the time. I am sure that will be later on tonight. LOL. 

Stay tuned and please tell your loved ones you truly do love them as much as you can always .Nanite and God bless.


Everyone thinks of changing the world


Everyone Thinks of Changing The World, but No One Thinks of Changing Himself

How true is this saying? Very true… Guilty as charged!

Everyone blames this person, that person, the Government, the devil … for everything that goes wrong.

Ask a typical Nigerian why isn’t anything working? The expected answer you’ll get is “it’s the Government”. Yes they may be right to some extent and wrong too.

Let’s run through of series of question and answers to ascertain a fact.

Q: Who makes up the Government, spirits or humans?

A: Humans

Q: Did they fall from the skies?

A: No

Q: Do they have parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews….?

A: Yes, they do.

Q: Do they live among us?

A: They do.

Q: So who then is the government?

A: You and I, fact established!


Change they say starts from the individual. Change begins with you.

How funny is it that we don’t see ourselves as part of the problems. No wonder things have remained the same way they have always been with insignificant difference or a significant difference to the negative.

If everyone in the world decides to change for the better, the world would be a better place.

Be the change you want to see!

What a woman is capable of saying


Noooooo!! let’s not be too quick to judge her. She’s only expressing the way she feels!

Do you know why she married him, and do you know how much that scarf costs? And it’s even new.

But seriously, some women can be heartless o! What! Scarf? Wow!

Women sure have a way of saying the “right things” at the “right time”.

Kudos Ladies!!!