My Parents Forbid Me to Marry a Hausa Man

Iyandasdiary - My Parents forbid me to marry a Hausa man

Dear Readers,

I happen to find myself in a terrible situation . My parents who i love so much and have the ultimate respect for have threatened to disown me and make sure that none of the family members attend the wedding or even associate with me ever again if I go on and get married to the love of my life who happens to be a Hausa man.

My parents happen to be strict christian and church  elders.We were brought up to the God fearing, love people no matter the race or religion. .I was totally shocked when they told me that i couldn’t get marrried to my fiance  because he is Hausa .

I told my parents, because he is from the north doesn’t make him a Boko Haram, but they would not listen. I tried to explain that he is from a royal home in Kano, and moreover we met in the states, and he is not capable of such evil act, but they still refused to consent.

They sighted the example of the ‘Mutalab guy’ and said they will not as much as trust any Hausa person again.How shallow can they be but I’m determined to damn the consequences and stick to this guy.

I’m not ready to trade my love for my parents’ perception.

Am I making a wise decision?



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