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My Husband Doesn’t Trust My Best Friend And Wants Me To Stop Seeing Him

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I am beginning to see and experience all those things my mum used to tell me about men and marriage. Marriage is a different kettle of fish—absolutely different from dating. In Africa especially, the man is the king and what he wants is what must be done or else the fragile peace that exists will be broken.

Now it turns out that my husband no longer wants me to be friends with my childhood friend. He wants me to stop seeing and being friends with someone who is like the only brother I never had. Niyi is not just a childhood friend, he has been like a brother to me as well. How can I tell him to stop calling me because my husband doesn’t feel comfortable about our friendship?

Ever before we got married, Dare (my husband) knew that Niyi and I have been very good friends. As a matter of fact, Niyi and I were together the day Dare approached me for relationship, and his advice was instrumental to the positive answer he got. That same Niyi is now being seen as a threat by Dare.

Truth be told, Niyi and I see each other at least once or twice every week; which is considered a bit too much depending on how you see things. We don’t live close to each other, but we spend quite a number of hours on the phone every week. I think I went too far with the way I allowed my friendship with Niyi to continue without setting the limit. I am married and Niyi is still single and living alone. My husband doesn’t feel comfortable about the way I visit and blab about Niyi all day and all week. The problem is that I thought Dare would understand that nothing can possibly happen between Niyi and I.

My problem, which is also a question is: is my husband not taking things too far by asking me not to see Niyi again?

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