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Love, Money, & Marriage-The Hypocrisy Of Some Ladies

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Love is first above all others, the bedrock of any marriage or home. Besides the question of compatibility, a priest or counsellor usually ask intending couples if they do love each other. A counsellor or priest or a pastor on an imam wants to know if love exists between intending couples before going to other basic issues that are almost as important as love.

The counsellor wants to know if the man is able to provide for the needs of the woman, and of course, by extension, the children when they do come. While most men may harbour some kind of doubts about their financial ability, some women won’t have such doubts as the urge to settle down with the man of their dream becomes stronger. She wants to settle down and brag to the entire world, especially her friends on how her status is about to change. She is quick to remind all that cares to listen that: “love first, money later.” This is usually the case when a woman is approaching her 30s and 40s.

With due respect, some women are so blinded by sentiments that they fail to see beyond their nose. There can be no true love and happiness in marriage without money to keep the family going. Money pays the bills in the hospital when you are about to put to bed. Money puts the meal on the table.

Marry for love, but stop being a hypocrite who thinks every other thing will fall into places as soon as you settle down. While it is good to have high hopes about the future, it is too risky to assume that things will turn around overnight.

Lack of sex and money are the two most damaging issues that lead to divorce in marriage. While most women do not deny the fact that they love their husbands; they have never hesitated to identify lack of sex, affection, and MONEY as the reasons why they are separating from their husbands.

These days love has eyes to see and visualize things; it is no longer blind. Well, money still can’t buy love, but it keeps the family together in a bond of love.

Women sometimes wonder why men change after marriage. One of the truths is that he is frustrated because things have not gone as planned. Who then becomes the victim of his anger and frustration? Your guess is as good as man.

Way out… Put love first when settling down; but have your eyes fixed on the workability of your soon-to-be home.

Love, money, and marriage are inseparable; except of course, you live in a world of make-believe.

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