How To Know A Genuine Man Or Woman In A Relationship


The Genuine Woman

  1. Her deep commitment to love is her beauty.
  2. Willing to go deeply on a moment notice.
  3. Is spontaneous and present to the moment.
  4. Does not need to plan because she trusts the divine plan to unfold perfectly.
  5. Sees the oneness in everyone eyes and in everything around her.
  6. Surrounds her life with beauty and finds the beauty in all things around her.
  7. Is vulnerable and open.
  8. Naturally radiates love in her eyes and movement.
  9. Listens really well.
  10. Takes extraordinary care of herself because she knows how much it matters.
  11. Says no easily without harshness.
  12. Trusts her inner voice.
  13. Practices her relationships with the divine on a moment by moment basis.
  14. Longs to be opened more deeply by every experience in her life.
  15. Is fearless without distraction.
  16. Trusts her inner voice.


The Genuine Man

  1. He does not confuse wealth and material possession with the quality of himself.
  2. Knows his purpose and is living it in a giving non-egoistic manner.
  3. Has a very strong presence without any need for domination.
  4. Is inspired by and embraces a woman’s radiance.
  5. Can go deep and also intimate.
  6. Does not allow a relationship with woman or business/society to take him off purpose.
  7. Goes deep comes out fearlessly and shares lovingly and honestly.
  8. ‘If he is going to be with her, he is going all the way with her.’ That doesn’t necessarily mean sexually, it means all the way to God.
  9. So strongly balanced in his emotional nature that clarity and comfort to express needs is easily & readily available.
  10. He does not confuse wealth and material possession with the quality of himself.
  11. Enjoys expressing his feelings.
  12. Shows up with integrity and does what he says he will do.
  13. Protects his woman.
  14. Is loyal and trustworthy.
  15. Is whole and complete unto himself.
  16. Is responsive, awake ,aware and secure with himself.

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