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Unanswered Questions

Is There Any Self Made Man Out There?

1 Mins read

We have heard is so many times before—men scream it to high heavens. They want the world to know that they built their wealth from scratch without any input from anyone. Is that really possible? Can a man build his career and wealth without inputs from other people? Is it right for a man or even a woman to use that word to describe his achievements in life?

Is there really someone out there without a helping hand from people around him? What is your idea of a self made man? Is it a statement borne out of fact or just one borne out of pride and the need to beat one’s chest over some achievements? What are the features of a self made man? A man who has it all—wealth, health, education, and the likes; what makes him a self made man?

So let’s hear what you have got to say.

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