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Unanswered Questions

Is It Right For Parents To Physically Assault Their Daughter’s Husband?

1 Mins read

Some parents can go any length to defend the rights of their daughters—even if it means engaging their son in-law to a physical combat. I mean every parent has a right to protect a child that is being molested or abused—but what if it is purely domestic? Should a parent get involved in such matters? Does it not amount to taking things to the extreme?
If your mother in-law decides to engage you in a fight because she feels bad about the way you have been treating her daughter, would you stand up to her or simply walk away? Would you consider such an act as an affront and react accordingly or show her some respect and refuse to act even in the face of provocation? To what extent are you prepared to endure such an attitude?
As a woman, would you defend your husband and ask your mother to stop or would you encourage her to do even more? As a mother would you descend to that level where you would start fighting the husband of your daughter?

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