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Unanswered Questions

Is It Right For An Employer To Always Insult An Employee?

1 Mins read

You will be amazed at how many Nigerians are being insulted and looked down on every day in their place of work. People are either being insulted or being treated like a pack of thrash because employers feel like gods.

I was at this hospital during the week, and a doctor was so angry at one of the nurses that he called her a fool. The doctor gave her a sign language, instructing her to shut the door so that people outside would not have a glimpse of what was going on in his office. Unfortunately, the nurse misinterpreted what the doctor meant, which drew the ire got the later very angry. In anger, the doctor yelled at her and called her a fool in my presence. The nurse of course, was embarrassed and couldn’t utter a single word.

This got me thinking, and I thought I should find out from you guys if it is right to rain abuses on an employee regardless of what that person may have done. Is there a law an employee can fall back on if he feels he or she is being unfairly addressed by an employer?

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