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Unanswered Questions

Is It Right For A Man To Post Nude Pictures Of His Ex Online?

1 Mins read

The rate at which men post nude images of their ex on the internet these days is quite alarming. This has raised a lot of questions, with millions of people asking what could be the reason for this. Whatever the reason, the question is, can it be justified? The main reason of course, according to a lot of feedbacks we have been receiving for a while now is revenge. Men who have been jilted and left to rue dating some ladies in the past feel that the only way to get back at them is to post their nude pictures online.

Despite the outcry, some have asked if it is worth it. Is it right for a man to post nude pictures of his ex online just to get back at her? Is there no other means to express your frustration other than going online to expose the naked pictures of your ex? Would you do such a thing just to prove a point? At what length are you prepared to go to express your disgust at being jilted or dumped by a lady?

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