Inferiority Complex-Kenny Needs Your Advice


sad man

Dear readers, growing up for me was one of the most challenging things I ever faced. Life never gave me the chance or maybe it did, it was just me who failed to take up the best opportunities that came my way…. I messed up too many opportunities while growing up, and looking back at them brings nothing but regrets and tears to my eyes.

For those of you who still think that being humble is the way to go about life; well maybe it’s about time you dug into what the word ‘humility’ truly means… People thought I was just being humble at different occasions, but they were wrong—it was just inferiority complex killing me.

My name is Kenny (not real name), and I grew up in one of the finest environments as a kid. People love me as a child because they viewed me as that little child who won’t dare rush in when others are showing how ‘badly brought up they are.’ I would incredibly baulk at rare opportunities to signify interest in the most beautiful of damsels; feigning a lack of interest, while the desire inside of me yearned for an opportunity to be with them. When I finally summon courage to woo a damsel, I would lose her eventually to insecurity and inferiority complex.

I grew up with this, deceiving people with my false humility, while deceiving myself on the other hand. I would cry many nights at lost opportunities, but with no one to help me overcome this; life became depressing and frustrating.

Don’t want to bore you with too many stories, but just want you to know that at I am writing this because thoughts of the opportunities I have lost in the past continue to scare me as I stare the future in the face… Now another opportunity is before me, and don’t want to lose it; but I feel I am not up to par with the standard of people qualified to do the job. Please help me get over this…

What you just read is an abridged version of Kenny’s story. It is a story that typifies what millions of people go through in life. It was not an easy task convincing him to share a part of some of the things he went through growing up; but he did because he needs someone to help him overcome the past and move ahead as the future beckons.

To make it easier for you, Kenny just got appointed into a lucrative position, and is again being faced with a situation where he either sticks or burns.


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