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I was Sent Back Home to Nigeria Because My Son’s Wife Didn’t like Me

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I was Sent Back Home to Nigeria Because My Son’s Wife Didn’t like Me

We all seem to have this impression or feeling that most mother in-laws are evil or wicked. This could be true to some extent especially with the kind of stories we read online, newspapers, and magazines everyday. Nonetheless, not all mother in-laws are evil, and that is the truth. My mother in-law for instance was very nice to me while she was alive. She treated me like her own daughter, and never for once made me regret marrying my husband. Now apart from her, I have also seen a lot of nice and caring mother in-laws that are God sent.

My determination in life has always been to treat the wives of my children with respect, and like my own daughters. It is not just because my late mother in-law was nice to me; but because our parents brought us up that way. We were taught to be loving, accommodating, and caring. With all those qualities, I travelled to Canada a few years ago to spend some months with my son and his family.

I didn’t anticipate any problem going to stay with them because my son married a Nigerian who had lived in Canada for only six years before that time. At first, Sophia was very happy to receive me to their home; but not for long though. She started showing her hostility towards me from the time she discovered that I always woke up very early to pray. I would wake them up as early as 5 or 6 in the morning so we could have a joint prayer session. My son already knew this was my way of life; my husband and I used to wake the children including my son up as early as 5 or 6am in the morning for family devotion.

He didn’t complain nor see anything wrong with the idea, and even told me he loves it, and wants it to continue; but the wife wasn’t happy. I could see it in her face every morning I come to wake them up. Sometimes she won’t come out to join us, and it never bothered me because I understand that we were all raised and brought up differently. I felt it was up to her husband to teach and make her understand; not my duty. Of course, that was the beginning of my problem with Sophia as things turned for the worse. I never complained to her or forced her join us in prayers in the morning; so what is she afraid of?

Suddenly my son also stopped coming out to join me for the early morning prayers; and it didn’t bother me because he is matured enough to decide what he wants. I am not the kind of mother who would force his child to do things he didn’t want to do; though, I was a bit concerned that he was derailing. All I did was to continue praying for them quietly on my own; but even this created a lot of problems for Sophia.

My son called me one evening after he got back from work to personally ask me to stop my early morning prayers because it was disturbing the neighbours. I was bemused because it is almost impossible for anyone to hear me pray alone in the morning. The only one who hears me pray alone is the One I pray to; and that is the Lord Almighty! I asked my son if it was about his wife, and he kept quiet, and simply insisted that I stopped praying. I told him I won’t be able to make such promises, but that I would pray in my heart if that would make them happy. That evening I went to Sophia and told her I was sorry for disturbing her sleep, but that I won’t be able to promise to stop praying. I told her I would pray quietly in my heart, and that I won’t even bother anyone with my praise and worship.

One afternoon while I was in the guest room going through my bible, I overheard my son and his wife arguing over some issues that have to do with my stay. It was obvious from their conversation that Sophia wants him to send me back to Nigeria. I instantly stopped reading my bible, and went straight to the sitting room where the argument was taking place. Obviously my son knew from the reaction on my face that I was already aware of what they were arguing about.

That evening he told me I would have to leave for Nigeria because Sophia has been giving him a lot of problems. I wept not because I didn’t want to leave Canada, but because my son was sending me away because of a woman I thought would see me as an ally and mother.

I want you all to know that not all mother in-laws are bad as people claim. My being back in Nigeria is because someone thought otherwise about me; and I had to leave because I didn’t want to be a rival to Sophia.


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