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I Married Him To Make Daddy Happy, Now It Has Backfired

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Our parents like to shove their wishes down our throat whether we like it or not. The truth about life is that sometimes we have got to learn to say no to certain decisions being forced on us. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and one that requires the two parties to stay together. Personally I donโ€™t think parents should force their daughters to get married to a particular person of their choice. You need to read Amakaโ€™s story to understand what I am talking about…

The best thing the social media and the internet have done for us is the opportunity we now have to air our views and share our burdens with people of like minds and experience.

My dad invested a lot in my education, and deserves all the respect and honour anyone can give to a loving and caring father. He sacrificed a lot to send me to school despite criticism from some of his friends about not investing much in the education of a girl child.

As a civil servant, my dad wasnโ€™t earning much, yet he made sure that everyone of his children went to school. Training five children (three girls and two boys) up to the university level is not an easy thing; but my dad emptied all he had on us.

So it wasnโ€™t too difficult to bow to his wishes to marry the man he had chosen for me despite the fact that I was in love with Daniel. Daniel tried all he could to make me ignore my dadโ€™s wishes, but I pleaded with him to understand. We parted ways in a most painful manner; but that goes to show just how much I was prepared to listen to dad to the detriment of my own happiness and future.

I married the man dad advised me to marry; but six years down the line, I am now a shadow of my old self. My husband has now turned me into a punching bag. After six years of marriage, and two beautiful daughters, he has asked for a divorce.

Of a truth business has not been as great as it used to be for my husband, but to blame it on me is beyond my understanding. My husband believes I brought him ill fortune and that he can no longer continue to be my husband, and has therefore asked me to leave his house with my two daughters.

Life is an empty place right now, and I feel like the most fruitful part of my existence has been lost to a man I married out of honour for my dad.

Everyone has tried to appeal to him to have a change of heart; but it seems his mind is made up. He said he canโ€™t guarantee my safety if I refuse to pack and leave his house.

What should I do because even Daniel is happily married and with kids of his own.

Dear readers, though it is good to listen and honour our parents, we must understand that certain decisions should not be left in their care. Please pray for Amaka as she tries to overcome this recent setback that has befallen her.

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