Ladies and gentle men, as ashamed as I am to send this post, I think its okay if I let the world know how I survived in Nigeria for a while before I could gain a solid ground. My name is Appiah from Ghana. I came into Nigeria in 2011 when things were really tough for me. My wife left with my daughter when all things seemed to fall apart because in Ghana, women have the upper hands when it comes to children.

After a wallowing time, I packed my self and decided go come in search of the greener pastures acclaimed to be in Nigeria then. I am a goldsmith by profession and could practically do any hustle to survive. Hence the movement.
Now, when I got to Lagos, it was a little bit late in the night, I was busy looking for a cheap motel to spend the night and see where I can even offer my services for a place to sleep and food to eat. While I was busy looking at sign posts I got to a motel, I saw scantily dressed girls hanging at the corners smoking cigarettes and chatting with themselves while expecting their customers, then I noticed a some group of boys looking and sneering at me, I looked at myself to see if there was a trace of foreign in me, I couldn’t find any but these guys knew I wasn’t from here so they came over, and started tugging at my bag. They eventually ended up robbing me in the open! I mean they bullied me and everyone was looking at me, no one came to help. After they were done, they walked away calmly without a running and didn’t even look back to know if I was coming after them. I could only sigh and bite my lips in regret. The last cash on me has been stolen.

I had been on that spot forever brooding until I felt a tap on my shoulder and a voice said,
‘Just be thankful they didn’t hurt you, its their hood so they always know who’s new and who’s not’, I looked up to see a pretty slender girl with beautiful eyes smiling at me. I replied, ‘I don’t have any money with me again, not even to eat nor to pay for a room to sleep’.

she gave me a smile and said, ‘its okay, I’ll fix u up with something’. She held my hands and led the way to the motel I was going in before, took me into a room, showed me where the bathroom was. Then she said, ‘I’ll soon be back’.

15 minutes later, I heard a soft knock on the door, she came in with a smile and told me, ‘Can you please go and relax at the bar? its just straight down this hall, you can take anything you want, just tell them you’re with Sophia’, I simply nodded. On my way out of the room, I saw a young man behind her, they both entered the room and locked it behind them.

I went to the bar and was trying to make sense of what happened that day, then realized God had used a prostitute to save me that night. I ate eba and vegetable soup and also took 2 bottles of beer before they came out. She gave me this sweet innocent smile that suggested she was a bit ashamed or shy, either one, I gave her my sweetest smile also. She joined me at the table and ordereds for a drink also.

After 15 minutes of talking with her, I was able to know that it was in a bid to survive that led her to this. After asking so many questions I realised things were not as easy as they painted it for me when I was in Ghana, the hardship was real everywhere. so I told her I was going to help her in anyway I could because you have helped me. She had a couple of other customers that night which made me wonder how many does she have to bed before she can make ends meet. When I got into the room to sleep that night, my conscience couldn’t allow me to sleep on the bed, I had to sleep on the floor despite her plea to join her on the bed.

This went on for a couple of days before I got used to the flow and eventually started to mingle with people around. I left the room whenever she has “clients”, people in the motel already knew my name and were already getting friendly with me.

That was how my PIMP life started. I would go out to the corners and deliberately make friends who I would eventually lure to the motel and arrange Sophia for them at a higher price than she would have gotten from the job. This worked a lot. Sophia started making a lot more than she usually did. I went as far as making arrangements that took her out of the motel and to places of high repute. Within a year, Sophia got a big connection through one of my arrangements that got her a house and a big car. She became a ‘big girl’ in the world’s standard and the envy of her peers. I moved in with her and we started living as friends (but once in a while the benefits of the flesh comes in).

Then one day, she came into my room and gave me that sweet smile again, then she said, ‘I have good news for you Appiah’, I looked up from what I was doing. She was still smiling and kept her hands behind her like she was hiding something. Her face was radiant and I knew it was indeed a good news. She continued, ‘The senator asked me to marry him!’, then she brought her hands forward and I saw the shiny jewel on her fingers, I was so happy for her that I didn’t register whats she said afterwards until she repeated it. ‘And I have a gift for you also’, with eyes of joy, she brought forward a cheque and waved it in my face. When I received the cheque, I was stunned speechless, a whooping sum of 10 million Naira was staring at me. She continued, ‘I know you are a professional goldsmith, I’ll like you to start your own business and be fully legitimate.

I am all grown now and I can’t continue to do this business. God has helped me all this while from contracting deadly diseases, and he also sent help and now I will be married to a wealthy senator. What else do I want? I just want you to know I will always be there for you, you have been a good influence in my life. Thank you Appiah’. Then she gave me a tight hug. Trust me, I was speechless.

That is how I started my goldsmith business in Lagos in the year 2013 with enough capital to invest, now you need to see the chain of businesses I command now. God used a prostitute to change my life. If you need anything on original Gold and its family, please feel free to check our store or call me on 2347069699492.