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Unanswered Questions

Do You Think It Is Proper To Hide Your Health Challenges From Your Partner?

1 Mins read

Everyone has got one issue or the other to deal with. This could be health or emotional or financial or whatever. Whatever it is, health in particular; it is ideal or proper to keep it away from our partner? How would you feel if you discovered from a third party or through some secret document that the woman or man you married has some health issues? Would you feel cheated and lied to? Would you confront your partner in order to find out why such issue was kept from you?

Would you feel uncomfortable if you spouse knows a thing or two about your health conditions? Is it fair to hide your HIV status from your partner? What about genotype and other compatibility issues; is it ideal to keep it away from your partner?

What if your partner walks up to you to inform you that he or she has tested to HIV or some form of terminal disease? Would you call it quit with the relationship or stick with your partner to show that true love really exists?

How would you react to a sudden discovery of the health status of your partner? What would such information tell you about the type of person your partner is?

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