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Cheating in relationships

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Consider cheating way deeper and at the same time shallow than you think, before you get on down this path I’m taking you—that’s the only way you can comprehend my side of cheating. Again, consider cheating way deeper and shallow than you think.

I’d like to define it first:

it is a deceptive action you take in order to gain something.

It is, pertinent to this lesson, an unfaithfulness to a spouse, lover, friend, family, business partner, yourself etc.

Now, in regards to how it starts, I want you to stop seeing it as a big deal of action first: you start cheating when you start thinking of cheating.

The fact that it came to your mind, you processed it through your thought, it has started already, you have started thinking evil, and even if you press the pressure down and you overcame the desire, it’ll come again when ever that same activity pops up, and sooner or later, you’ll sail the boat of cheating.

Why do one thinks of cheating?

It is mainly to satisfy a greedy pit in you. It is, most times, caused by unsatisfactoriness. It is the wrong answer to the question, “how do I get more?”

Cheating, regardless of what triggered it, is wrong at every level. What ever it is that you need help at, cheating do not rightly aid you, it wrongly do with repercussions.


I’ve been in a relationship, myself. And the most common thing that causes problems in a relationship is cheating; it has destroyed a lot of relationships and still destroying more.

You don’t have to lay in a bed with someone else before you consider yourself a cheat, you’re a cheat the moment you desire a third party because of their sensual features.

For a lady; it is understandable that guys won’t stop approaching you because you don’t hang picture of your spouse or lover as a badge, nothing may indicate that you’re in a relationship if the ring is not on. And that of course is not your fault.

But pushing them away is your responsibility. The moment you receive a call and feel like you need a secluded place away from your spouse or lover before you can take the call, you’re cheating already. The moment you started deleting chats, you’re cheating, this is the reason “playing along” is not advisable.

In the first place, why would you want to play along with a third party whose intention is not just to “play along”. Your responds to them in that “playing along” game is a compliance to the third party.

Take note: the moment a person start having an affection towards you, it is shown in how they relate to you, if you play dumb and choose to think you might be the one over thinking, it is totally a foolhardy.

When affection is shown, it can’t be mistaken, it is .

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