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The Agony Of The Abused

                     AGONY OF THE ABUSED

         This a big issue in our society which is best expressed with tales of woes concerning people who are being abused daily and deprived of their right to quality and peaceful existence. This issue cuts across all borders, regardless of your age, race, religion, financial status, size, location across the world; people are being abused.

The “Agony Of The Abused” seek to not only draw attention to the plight of men women, children and the elderly across the world, but to seek an enduring and offers peoples insight and solutions to the pains and sufferings being suffered by them.

In drawing attention to their plights, sufferings and emotional plights, we will focus on those touchy, but true stories that expose the evil of mankind towards ourselves all over the world. The essence, of course, is not to evoke passion, but to fight a cause, which we believe is just and worth every pint of blood flowing through our veins.

Finally, we shall be able to draw inspiration from people who have been abused and can help others to be able to draw from their own personal experience, especially how they were able to get through the ordeal, their doggedness and in the face of mounting opposition come out successful.