Bimpe’s Confession-My Story My Regret Part 1


Everything about life is competition because life itself is competition.

I am Bimpe (not my real name) and I am writing this as a first part of how I managed to turn the life of someone I truly love into a vegetable. I never allowed whatever my heart desires to go without making efforts to keep it. As much as I enjoyed what I did at the time, I am writing this as a sign of remorse for using love portion to tie down a man I no longer love.

Everything I wanted as a child, I got because my parents were super rich. I was not only born with a silver spoon in my mouth; I was the only child of my parents. They made sure I got everything I wanted, which was the biggest mistake my parents made.

Olumide was the man after my heart, but he belonged to someone else. He was not the most handsome man I had seen, but he was one of the hottest properties around town at the time. He had this special aura around him that attracted him to ladies; and no wonder people call him a lady’s man. So it turned out that I wanted him the same way other ladies did.

I enticed him with everything a woman could use to attract a man; but all to no avail because Olumide was madly in love with the lady he was dating at the time. All my life no man ever gave me sleepless nights the way Olumide did. I lost my sense of reasoning because of a man, which had never happened to me before.

The mistake I made was that I sort advice from people who made me believe that what I felt for Olumide was true love. So love turned into desperation, and I decided to heed a friend’s advice…


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