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Unanswered Questions

Are Marital Vows Mare Formalities During A Wedding Ceremony?

1 Mins read

Are Marital Vows Mare Formalities During A Wedding Ceremony? 

The rite of marriage in the Roman Catholic Church or any other allows couples to make pledges to stay and remain glued to each other regardless of any situation until death separates them.

Virtually everyone can recite the vows, which goes to show how popular those words have come to be a part of our lives. Having said that, do couples still keep to those vows of staying together regardless of the situation?

Have those vows not become something we simply want to say as quickly as we can and move ahead with the ceremony? Why do couples go their separate ways over minor issues despite these vows?

Are we not playing to the gallery just to please the world and observe formalities? How truthful are couples to those words they always recite after the officiating priest?

Do couples still use those words from the depth of their souls or just to fulfil all righteousness? Should the Church make couples commit to tighter vows just to safeguard marriages? Are marital vows sufficient enough to make couples remain committed to each other?

What effort do you normally make to keep your side of the vow? Does your conscience prick you each time you want to act contrary to the vow?


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