Am I Normal?


I heard guys my age should be really sexually active, but my case seems different because I never have the urge to see a naked woman or touch them or to sleep with them. It just doesn’t cross my thoughts.

Though I was brought up in a Christian home, my parents were not the best of Christians or dedicated ones I should say, but they did their best to make sure that I turned out right.

I’m now in my second year in school and things haven’t changed as regards this. Some people I’ve confided in say that I may have tendencies to be gay, but far from it, I have not found any man anywhere attractive and I would not.

It’s beginning to give me some concern because I am not getting any younger, soon I should begin thinking of marriage and if I do not deal with it now, it may cause troubles in my home, which I don’t want.

I have never had a ‘girlfriend’, I suspect some of my female friends find me attractive, because I know I’m good looking and brilliant, but should I say it’s quite unfortunate I don’t feel anything in return.

Am I normal?


  1. I tink dat guy is totly normal n we(“gurls”)need more of his kind nowdays even d wrld at large.Personally,I m impressed and I hope u r nt lead astray wit d wrong friends or female.Also hope u meet d right lady for u.Believe me,u r totly normal n u shuld continue in ur christain way n pray for God’s guidance.

  2. Yea!!! U r totly normal.And we(gurls) need more of ur kind,even d world at llarge.I hope u r nt lead astray by friends or opinions frm people n some females who ve lost their sense of direction.Prayu u meet d ryt person I urge u to continue in ur christain way n u shuld ask God’s of his grace n a sense of direction.Do not be discouraged or bothered n continue bein u,dnt change for any1 especially if its noy for gud or evn worth it.Best of luck

  3. To me, ur a lil normal. But the urge thing is what I think u should work on. It ain’t normal for u not to have an urge for the opposite sex. I know ur not gay but if not checked, u could move it that direction. I think it’s best u go for counseling and u’ll be put on the right path. Please don’t go gay o!


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