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A Taste Of Friendship II

8 Mins read

Let us be sincere, friends can kill and also destroy , at the same time, they can be the best thing that every happened to some one. You read the story about Tope and Taiwo,here is another story of friendship betrayal.
Jade and Ibrahim have being dating for three years now . its has being a great roller coaster ride like how jade described. Sometimes it can be very rough some times it can be off but having some one who truly complement you is the best feeling ever. I remembered one of my discussion with her she do say; “not all ladies can take what she is taking from Ibrahim but she is just patent he will change
“He loves me Lola. I know he does he just have serious anger issues and i’m praying he changes with time”
I cant lie I do see it. He always want her around, spends money and always takes care of all her needs . when apple release a new phone model, he always go all out to buy it for her. His major problem is just anger but jade has tried so much to know how to control him and work towards making him a better version of himself. She does her possible best to make her relationship work and doesn’t talk about what she is facing to any one except her close friends who care to ask and she can trust with her problem.
There was a time jade falls out with all her friends because of Ibrahim. He is his patriarch form warned her to stay away from all her friend that they are of bad influence. Since she want to be a faithful girlfriend she did as she was told with a scare of losing him to any lady that was readily available.she is always saying she is scared of losing him to any lady because she wont see a guy that spends on her this much . we her friends just let her be . when she saw she has falling out with everyone she started making new friends outside her circle and was badmouthing the old ones to them. In her quest finding new faithful friends, she meet Kemi
Kemi is a modern lady that every one want to be with. Dressing always on point and trend setter to her friends. She uses expensive phones, hair , bags and everything is always on fleek. Jade and kemi clicked because she felt they are the same and since kemi is a trend setter, she will help her to link with new and able bodies and and rich boys and girls . they were cool at first, and does every thing together. When ever she goes on trips with her boo she takes Kemi along. Try to introduce her to her boo and his friend also.they friendship is everything every one want to emulate and talked by every one . They do a lot of things together even dress together and share a lot of things in common until when jade was called to obey the clarion call(NYSC). She was posted to Nassarawa which was very far form Lagos. She had no choice than to go just with the plan of just going for the three weeks orientation camp then redeploy back to lags where her boo stays.
After she left, Kemi started scheming on how to take Ibrahim from jade. She came up with a story that she was being molested by the landlord of the house she was staying and no one was at home. Ibrahim invited her over just to be sure she is very saFe . she followed in to his bedroom and was naked telling him she wants to shower. Ibrahim ushered her to the bathroom. She came baCk and was cleaning us in his front asking him all sorts of questions
“ so you mean to tell me all these fresh boobs you are seeing in front of you is not turning you on at all?’ he replied , “no why should it turn me on its not today I have being seeing naked girls in front of me” . are you sure? She asked . Ibrahim ignored her so she tried to touch his dick to confirm. He shouted at her and asked a question” what exactly is wrong with you/ I,m your friends boyfriend for God’s sake . even if I want to cheat on her its not with someone that is this close to her”
Kemi stopped and left. Not knowing she was scheming other plan to act
What ever she did, I think it worked because not two weeks after every one started seeing both of them together and was very inquisitive about the where about of Jade his girlfriend who was serving her day, one of jade’s close friend saw kemi and ibrahim coming out together in his house . she was so worried that she had to call jade to ask some question even though they weren’t really in talking terms.she was shocked that Jade confirmed that Kemi and her boyfriend don’t talk talk less of being together . she was just like maybe the other lady is just being paranoid about the whole thing and reading meetings to what she assume. The lady kept her cool and warned her to just be careful. After three weeks of orientation camp, jade decided to come back to Lagos without informing any one. She wanted to catch her boo and Kemi together but unfortunately for her it wasn’t so when she came. She just concluded that every one that was calling her to tell her things all want to spoil her relationship with Kemi and also don’t want her to trust her boy friend. Jade was so stupid to the extend she called her friend that gave her info about her boyfriend and kemi escapades to apologize to Kemi for spoiling her image and losing her trust in friendship. The lady with no word to say just apologized and vowed never to tell Jade any thing again. People were just looking at both of them friendship and wondering where it was heading to which it was rock bottom.When ever Jade went to see her boyfriend, she takes Kemi along. Until one day ibrahim little cousin uttered a statement
I dont like her. she is always coming here when you are not around.
Jade was inquisitive about the statement but the little girl wasn’t ready to spill any details for the fear that her uncle is going to beat her when he finds out so she kept her mouth shut. From that day Jade stopped taking Kemi to Ibrahim place . but there were still very cool Friends and the likes.

In every relationship , we know it always get to a particular phase that you wont be felling the vibe of your partner , if you not careful, you both can call the relationship quit. Jade and ibrahim started getting off on each other in the relation after some times. She picks offence In what he says and both nag at each other.he is always getting her pissed also. After some times Jade told him she is tired of the relationship they should call it quit. Ibrahim was adamant so Jade gave him space maybe that was what they needed .she packed her things out of his place. Ibrahim kept on calling for days she never picked when she finally picked ibrahim just said
“please that my bag you used to pack your stuffs please return it”
Jade was so angry about the statement so she told him to pick time and place she will come and drop it which he did .before then, when jade was getting tired of the relationship. She spoke to kemi to link her to big boy on the island so that if she wants to break up with ibrahim the new person will be more financially buoyant than her present boyfriend. Kemi did introduce her to a boy which Jade was always talking to all the time thry were even planning to see. She is always giving Kemi feed backs about her conversation with the new guy. But Jade is always surprise every time Ibrahim will be asking her
‘babe are you cheating on me ‘ her answer is always no but he will be like
‘ If you are tired of this relationship better tell me . if I find out you are cheating there will be war”
Jade is always perplex about the whole issue asking how does the boy know she is trying to talk to a new guy or did he hacked her phone ? since she had no answer to her questions she continued. It got to a time that ibrahim questions was too much about cheating that jade had to stoP talking to the new guy. When kemi asked she said she wasn’t interested any she was still going on with her relationship.
This faithful day,Jade planned to return the bag . before she left home , she had a thorough thought about the whole thing so she concluded she will end the relationship but before she leave the house, she will drop her big phone that ibrahim got for her 3months ago. Knowing he might collect it. He has threatened her a great number of times when they had issued that he will break her phone . he bought it with his money and he has the right. Jade didn’t want to lose at all so she dropped the phone at home then took the small phone. She called kemi to meet her at her place so they can hang out after she is done with her boo. She came with the bag and called him she was around where they were suppose to meet .she opened the car booth and dropeed the bag then she walked off , Ibrahim was calling her and wanting her to hear him out then she finally stopped . he wanted to talked then he realizes her phone was not with her. He slapped her . Jade was shocked
“ so you’ve being dating me because of phone , where the hell is your phone?
She couldn’t utter any word and he was to angry he dragged her opened his car and pull her in. Did central lock on the car doorss for Jade no to escape. As someone that held against her own will,l she started pulling her self and begging Ibrahim to let go. immediately, Kemi call came in . she answered it and was crying. Kemi was asking what was wrong Jade was trying to explain when suddenly Ibrahim dragged the phone from her and talked to Kemi Harshly on the phone
“ashawo! This is what you want abi , you want Jade and I to end the relationship so you can have me. It wont work ,God will punish you! Kemi ended the call immediately.
At first Jade didn’t know what to say she was just dumbfounded but her subconsciousness was making her reason why Ibrahim will talk to her girl friend like that. She didn’t want any thing to do with him anymore at this point. He has chased all her girlfriends from her. Ibrahim didn’t listen she drove Jade to this house , dragged her from the car into his room. Commanded her to sit down which Jade did then he talked to her
“I don’t care if we break up after this, but if we want to breakup baby I don’t want it to be because of Kemi”
Jade didn’t understand what he was saying until he told her everything. How Kemi came to his place to seduce him when no one was around. How he turned her down and how she has being finding closure ever since. He explained further he knew when Jade was planning how to get a new bf. Kemi told him every thing just to hurt him. Saying the lady he is dying for want to leave him. He had chats and nude pictures kemi always send to his phone to seduce him. He didn’t want it to look as if he is lieing he showed Jade everything. Jade was perplex and speechless. There was a lot of what coming to her mind but what she could manage to ask is
Did you sleep with her?
He said NO.
That ends every long talks she said . he confide me that she didn’t believe that part that her bf didn’t sleep with her friend but she is cool for now .saying the day she is going to find out he slept with Kemi that ends their relationship . Jade cut tiles with kemi till date.she doesn’t want anything to do with her and also blocked her from all her social media. She said and I quote
“babe all these things I dey hear am or watch am for africa magic I no dey believe am until e happen to me for real life.”

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