HIV is a well known disease that is yet to have a cure; therefore it is not easy living with the stigma associated with being HIV positive. The truth is that you can’t know if a person is HIV positive or negative just by looking at them.

I my case, I have been in a relationship with a pretty damsel for a while and I discovered she possesses virtually all the qualities I desire in a woman and wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with her.

Sexy brown skin with dark long hair, with a body to die for, she can do house chores, cooks your favorite meal, smart and intelligent. Least I forget she can do things in bed that can make a man shout with pleasure. Simply put she is my dream girl.

We have been courting for eight months and the only disagreement we have is when will I go down on one keen a say the “I DO” word. That word I DO is not the word guys of my standard would want to say just yet, when there are girls that I haven’t sampled.

Don’t get me wrong am not a play boy, but a tall good looking fellow in his mid twenties, would not want to settle down any time soon, but for her I would want to have a family.

On her final master’s exam, after all the partying in celebration, I waited till we were alone then, we had mind blowing sex.

I asked her that question, the question every woman wants to hear for man, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I was expecting a YES I WILL, but after I asked the question she started crying, I asked what was wrong she said noting but continued to cry, I even thought it was tears of joy, so I hugged her to comfort her.

After about 15 minutes, then she said “there was something I didn’t know about her”. My mind traveled in different places trying to guess what I didn’t know about her, she continued saying Paul I know we have been dating for eight months now and there is something I want to tell you I am HIV positive.

I didn’t tell for fear of you abandoning me if you knew my status. Then my mind travels again and I remembered that she always insisted on using a condom every time we made love.

Now what I will do? I love her but she should have told me long before now because we built our relationship on trust. I mean it’s not like she has a kid or something, this is HIV we are talking about. Can I move on with her?  Please am in need of serious advice, what would you do if you were in my shoes?