You know the tall dark and handsome guy—that’s what ladies love; they all love to say ‘yes’ to cute and flashy guys. Well the truth is it is almost impossible to see or find a lady that would resist a cute and flashy guy. So the question of the day is; why do ladies love flashy guys?

No matter how cute guy is, his girl will always admire a flashy guy when she sees one. It has become so common, so we have decided to throw this question open to everyone out there so we can find out why all the attention is on that hot guy walking down the street or driving that sleek and expensive car.

Who is a flashy guy? He is some guy who loves to wear some expensive clothes, drive around in some expensive car, and use the latest smartphone in town. Of course, his pocket is always stuffed with Naira notes, and he knows how to live life to the fullest on a weekend.

So ladies out there, what is it about flashy guys that you hardly give some other guys a look? Do flashy guys make better spouse than the less-flashy ones?