I’ll hit the ground running as I have a peculiar case at hand.

I have an issue I’m currently battling with. I have two women in my life, one is a divorced lady with two kids, and the other was someone I asked not to divorce, but went ahead, now she wants me!

I do not know if I have a thing for the word divorce, but for a while I have been meeting both men and women with similar marriage status.

These women happened to come into my life at about the same time. As I was counseling the first lady not to get a divorce (though it sounded like she had a good reason), I met another divorced lady who I liked and she has two kids.

But the love web began to get well knit with incessant visits from both parties, they both had qualities I admired and it was fun to always be around them, now it has come to a point that I make a choice, but I’m a bit, no… a whole lot confused on who I should be with.

I love them both, but I know I can’t have them both.

I need some advice on what to do?