When You Do The Things You Have To Do When You Have To Do Them; The Day Will Come When You Can Do The Things You Want To Do When You Want To Do Them

This saying just rattles me because it’s the truth!

Epitomized here is a classic on paying your dues when it’s due. The order is not “play first, and then work, rather, it’s learn first, and then play!

There comes a point in a man’s life that he does what he has to do, if not in the not so far future, he’ll come back to rue it.

The Holy Book says it, “there is a time for everything”, a time to work … and a time to play.

Thoroughly considering this statement, it didn’t say “when you do the things WANT to do …”, “it said when you do the things you HAVE to”, that means there are some things we “HAVE” to do.

Now, what are these things? They are the proper, recommended, and required processes that must be followed to achieving that thing that you want to. These processes vary with fields.

Once all of this is done, and it’s time to lay back and relax, you are sure that something tangible is already in process, so you can go to sleep with your eyes closed, and have a good snort, or if you want to, visit places you’ve not been to, you can and even fulfill your childhood dreams.

Don’t forget that doing the right things at the wrong time, ultimately makes it wrong, so why don’t you just pay the price when it’s due?