I couldn’t stop laughing when I came across this well written poem, article and nursery rhyme

It’s what I call a woman’s bird eye view about what a man really wants.I’m sure it was composed by a lady in need or better still a lady who needs help


Men!, Men , men !!!

So complicated,
So much like children
So confusing
So hard to please.

If you try to please them, you are cheap
If you don’t, you are playing hard to get.

If you listen, when they talk, you are daft

If you don’t, you are too difficult to handle.

If you give in to their ideas, they call you loyalist and take u for granted

If you bring our own ideas they call you domineering.

If you show them you love them, you are too emotional

If you don’t show it, you don’t love them.

If you dress sexy, you are attracting other men
If you don’t, you are awkward.

If you cook and wash their clothes you are desperate
If you don’t, you are not a wife material.

If you go to club, you are too exposed
If u don’t, you are naïve.

If u are beautiful, you can’t stay with one man
If u re ugly, you are not up to standard.

If u are independent, you are chasing men away
If u are dependent, u are a liability.

If you try to satisfy them in bed you are a sex addict
If u don’t, you are making sex boring.

If you ask men for money you are too demanding
If you don’t, they will say you want to show you’re a good girl.

My Question now is this, What do men really want?……….

Written by: A lady in need


Edited  by :  Iyanda