Well, it was truly an experience at the hands of this beautiful, sexy girl on campus. It was one of those nights in college. You know the ones I mean. When the night air is charged electric, adrenaline pumping through the your body you can hear the bass in your ear. All I had on my mind was to have a mad night of fun with this sweet girl I had just met and hardly knew.

Biola, was her name if memory serves. Well you didn’t think I was going to mention her name … did you? Anyways (sic), she was a lovely gal as mentioned earlier and was so happy when I ran into her earlier in the day. I had been on her case for a minute, telling her how attracted I was to her blah, blah, blah. You know how we do.

We agreed to meet up later that night. I was way excited about the prospects of our date, I took her to the most famous restaurant in the college back then. The evening was great and was getting better the longer the night went. Diner was awesome and I was all pepped up, ready to have a wonderful night.

After paying the bills and all we ended up in the car park, got talking and we started kissing passionately. BOOM the night was going according to plan. I managed to convince her to move to the back seat with me, which she politely declined to do, but with much honey tongued persuasion she finally gave in.

It was the perfect setting for any mischief. Darkness. No light in the car park area which further added to my excitement. Anything can happen. struggling to find her lips was fun and I got carried away. She suddenly asked me to stop. Which I did, cooled down the passions a bit we relaxed some then continued again.

All of a sudden she started shouting NO! NO!! NO!!! I could hear odd sounds, but wasn’t sure it was me? The way she held on so tight to me but was still saying “NO” was not making any sense to me. I thought she was talking to me. To make the situation more confusing she began yelling “please”!, “please”! That’s when I began to realized it wasn’t me she was talking to.

By now it had began to rain outside the car. Am sorry, did I say rain I mean storm. The thunder and lightning plus the pitch darkness wasn’t helping the situation but I was trying to be a man. As you can guess my imagination was running in different directions. I asked her what was wrong and she would answer or talk to me. I was so scared, trying not to shake but very close to tears. Asking what was happening and getting nothing in return.

The next thing she said was “don’t move, they are close”. Gosh, I almost passed. She said this while I was trying to make my way back to the driver’s seat from the back where we were seated. At this point I knew I was a dead man because she had started using words like “no please, I am begging”. I have never prayed as hard as I did that night. Yes I was now living my nightmares, thoughts of friends and family flooded my subconscious. I was going to die.

The last thing she did was cover both our mouths with her hands telling me not to talk and she kept silent as well. We must have sat down like that for 5 minutes but it felt like an eternity to me, I was sweating profusely and I even made promise to stay away from girls.

Then she said “THEY ARE GONE, WE CAN GO NOW” that was the best thing that came out of her mouth that night. With no shirt on, legs shaking I managed to crawl to the front seat with her. Tried starting the car but my nervousness got the better part of me and all I had in mind was to get away from that place as soon as possible but the car refused to start. I prayed for forgiveness of all my sins and promised God never to touch another gal again.

I turned around and looked at her, the tears were all gone and she had this big smile on her face. All I heard from her, was kola relax now, that I should take it easy and we should go to my house.

I was lost for words, I quietly started the car and drove towards the girl’s hostel. She attempted to touch me but I told her I had to concentrate. I dropped her and drove straight to my house, picked up my bible and prayed all through the night.

I saw her the next day at school, I tried avoiding her but she walked up to me smiling, laughing more like it and said “OK come on I was joking” Well maybe she was joking, maybe it was a spiritual attack, I didn’t want to find out but it had been such a terrible night for my nerves and most especially my heart.

Ever since then I stopped trying to get intimate with girls…..until 2 days later