TRUTHIt’s as straightforward and as simple as it sounds! It doesn’t come any simpler.

I’ll define a lie in my own terms; a lie is a deviation from the truth. Succinctly put!

You know how it is when you lied about things to your parents either to save your blushes or to escape punishment and thought you were really smart. At times you got away with them, other times you got caught and duly punished. But now you are all grown and matured that you can’t get whooped, so you go ahead not saying the truth, and these lies keep hunting you and what do you do, tell another lie, and another lie, and yet another lie, just to keep up with the first lie. In no time when your lie bank starts to flash the red alert, you begin to avoid those you lied to, invariably shutting the door at them, who knows what door you are shutting!

It’s enough to have told a lie in the first place, alright you can blame it on “the sinful nature of man”, pardonable, so, why wouldn’t you come out clean, apologize for the initial purposeful blunder, and start afresh. It’s that simple. At this juncture you just have this breath of fresh air around you; you are at peace with yourself, the other person, and your conscience.

Truthfully, it’s a lot easier to come clean, than deal with than telling one degree of lie to another, and you know what they say about the truth, just like smoke, it has no hiding place, it would find its way out, somehow, someday! So what happens to all the effort you’ve put into the scheming of the lies … effort in futility.

Wrapping this up, to save your blushes after a blunder (a lie), come out clean; tell the truth, save yourself some stress! The one you get everyday on the streets is enough.