Tips On How To Bounce Back After Breakup

Got dumped? It is not the end of the world, there is light at the end of the tunnel if you can get a grip of yourself and adhere to the following tips. The tips will help you bounce back after breaking up with your boyfriend.

  1. Take things slowly: The first few weeks or months of breakup is used overanalyzing and explaining to everyone you ever met what went wrong and what led to the breakup. Avoid the urge to talk about how he wasn’t good in bed; try keeping mum on the subject. However, this doesn’t mean you have to start singing his praises to high heaven. Avoid all the dramas that could come out of unfounded statements.
  2. Take some responsibilities: How often do we want to blame the other person when there is a breakup. This is natural as virtually everyone out there would blame the other person as the reason for our predicament. This is the best time to assess where things have gone wrong, and be honest with yourself.
  3. Don’t play the victim: Don’t play the victim; this is not the right time to get emotional or physical. While the temptation to breakdown is always there after breakup; it is important to avoid spending too much of your precious time wallowing and lamenting on what may have happened or how you have been used and dumped.
  4. Time to work on yourself: This is the time to work on yourself; and that means you may have to withdraw from the public for a while. Living well after a breakup is the top secret to moving on; you want to show your ex that you have moved on.
  5. Refocus/strategize: This is about the most difficult of what you have to do after a breakup. Sit down and make a new list of priorities — sans ex — and figure out what is important to you. Give priorities to your family, friends, career and yourself. Find ways to fill that time left void by him and try new things.
  6. Don’t rush a new relationship, but don’t be too harsh on your suitors: Give yourself a breathing space, and don’t be in a haste to start a new relationship. However, don’t be too harsh on your suitors and avoid transfer of aggression. At this point, the urge to want to take make your ex jealous could be the driving force; but that revenge is never the ideal way to recover from a painful relationship.

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