They Once Wrote My Husband Off, But Now Come To Him For Help

Not a single member of my family supported my marriage to Chibuzor because they thought he was never going to make it in life. They wrote him off because he was working in a company where salaries are rarely paid.

Every time my uncle sends his daughter to Lagos to ask for help from my husband, I just say ‘thank you Jesus’ because no one gave us a chance. How Chibuzor and I were able to raise the money for my bride price and wedding expenses is still a miracle to both of us. My parents, and siblings threatened and swore never to come to my house if I went ahead to marry Chibuzor. They went ahead to warn me not to come to them to ask for help if things start getting tough, but God had a different plan.

Sincerely not many women out there would have taken the risk I took because Chibuzor had nothing to fall back on. My parents knew him a lot because we all lived in the same neighborhood. Though, a man of integrity, no one gave him a chance to make it. No one but me and of course, the Almighty God believed he could make it. Today, my husband is one of the richest individuals in the country, all to the Glory of God.

My problem with my parents started when I told them Chibuzor and I were getting married. All hell was let lose because my parents wanted me to marry someone else. My mum in particular had always told us then that we should not only marry out of love, but ‘shine’ our eyes and ensure we only get married to men who have the means to take care of us. In fairness to my parents, Chibuzor could hardly take care of himself. My parents didn’t give their support to the relationship from day one, and forbade me from seeing or dating him. My parents kicked and did everything they could to separate both of us. Though, we didn’t plan for it, I took in for Chibuzor, and both of us didn’t want an abortion no matter what my family thinks.

On the day of our traditional wedding, my dad didn’t turn up because he swore never to give his blessings to our union. It was one of the dullest weddings I have seen all my life, but thank God my family acted the way they did because God has now vindicated my marriage to Chibuzor.

Everyone loves a winner, and to the Glory of God my husband and I are not only very comfortable, we are also responsible for the upkeep of my extended family. Everyone who has written us off and spoken derogatory words against Chibuzor and I now come to us for help. The one that is yet to come personally has sent his daughter on a few occasions to seek for financial help.

I am writing this to encourage everyone who is about giving up on their love and dream to remain strong and never give up.