Have you ever being in love with a man who in turn loves another woman? If you have, then you won’t have a problem understanding my plight. If on the other hand, you don’t, you might just want to say “why can’t she just move ahead and find herself someone who will love her for who she is.”

Cupid has this grip on us; this hold that not anyone of us can explain. You just can’t explain why someone would rather show love to someone else when you are right there ready to stoop for him. It is a cruel world and a life full of mystery because you just can’t love that special person.

Please bail me out Iyanda; how can I ever get myself out of this quagmire called love? I am in love with a man who in turn loves another woman. The man doesn’t love me, and does not hide the way he feels about the other woman; but I just can’t help myself. I buy him gifts, and send him love text messages, which he never returns.

Everyone says I am pretty and the dream of every man out there; but Martin seems to think and see things differently from everyone out there. I am obsessed with him, and wish he could just give me a little opportunity to love him.

Do you think I am in love or just being stupid? I am being covetous or just trying to make my dream come true? I know there are a million and one guys out there, but I can’t seem to see beyond Martin. The craziest thing is that Martin’s girlfriend knows about my interest in her man, and she is robbing it in.

Please how do I get out of this mire clay and free my soul? My love for Martin is killing me and seriously depressing me, and I need to fix this before I lose it.