Sometimes living with a close relation is inevitable, especially when you are still searching for a job. I actually thought my coming to Lagos to spend a few weeks with my uncle and his family would help me in terms of my career; but guess what it turned out to be.

Forget what my name is because I am not going to disclose it on this blog. However, I am glad I now have the opportunity through this blog to express my deep pains. Dear readers, forget women; they are devil’s incarnate.

Four months ago—June to be precise, I came all the way from Lokoja in Kogi state to stay with my brother while I search for a job. I was treated to so much love and fun the first few days of my arrival. The wife treated me like a king, and made sure I lacked nothing in order to make my stay a rosy one. My relationship with the family was superb from start; but like most things in this world, it didn’t end well.

My trouble with my uncle’s wife started one morning shortly after my uncle had gone to work. Did I mention the fact that she owns a supermarket and only goes to her shop whenever it suits her? I guess I didn’t, but my uncle did open a supermarket for her, and made sure the shop has everything needed to get going.

I was in the bathroom taking my bath that morning in preparation to go to one of those companies in Lagos to submit my CV; I heard some very funny sound coming out from the sitting room. Guess what? My uncle’s wife was lying on the sofa watching some adult movies. I was a bit shocked not because of what she was watching, but because she didn’t even care if someone else was in the house with her.

Truly embarrassed by her action, I quietly and quickly dressed up, took my documents and headed out. She wished me luck and bided me goodbye without turning towards my direction as I gently closed the door behind me. I was unable to get myself all through the day; but that was just the beginning of more shocking things to come.

Dear readers, could you believe that I came back home in the afternoon to find my brother’s wife along with some of her female friends watching some more adult movies? That was not all; they were also drinking and clinging on to each other. I couldn’t believe my eyes because their actions only pointed to one fact; could they be lesbians? Can’t be, at least my brother’s wife can’t be a lesbian while still married and sleeping with him; but I was later proved wrong…

Yes I was proved wrong by the things I later saw; not that day alone, but on several other days. She didn’t even warn me not to tell anybody; but I knew something must have informed her confidence. Does my uncle know about his? Has he given his approval? What’s really happening? Is my uncle or his wife a cultist? Why is it that they still don’t have a child three years after they got married?

As I sat down in my room pondering on what could be happening, the thought of reporting my uncle’s wife to him flashed through my mind. I made up my mind that I was going to tell him no matter what happens; but what if she denies it? But I needed a proof, and thank God my phone could do the job. I waited for the right moment, and filmed a couple of videos. I couldn’t take any pictures because I didn’t want the flash to attract anyone’s attention. I wished I didn’t take that decision because that was the genesis of my ‘wahala’ with her.

At that time I had already gotten used to some of her mad behaviours. I also didn’t tell you that I had caught her several times having sex with some of her female friends; but more shockers awaits me…

A few hours after putting the short video together on my phone, my uncle’s wife came to me in the room. I could see the fire in her eyes as she warned me of the consequences of what I was about to do. She told me she was aware of everything, and that I would pay with my life and that of my mother if I tried it. I was stunned when she called my mother by name. I stood there where I was for about five minutes or maybe even more because I was too shocked to do anything. Was I dreaming? Like I said, that was the beginning because she appeared (believe it or not) in my room around 2 am to remind me of what she told me earlier in the day, and later disappeared. Could this be happening?

After that encounter, she warned me one more time and gave me just three days to find an excuse to give to my uncle that I wanted to go back to Lokoja. She warned me to steer clear off her way or nothing will ever go well for me before she finally decides to take my life.

I finally found an excuse to give to my uncle, and he reluctantly let me leave two days after.

The things I have written here are only a few of the many things she did. It was not just about being a lesbian; she also did some demonic things, which I am too scared to unfold here.