A relationship might not be abusive; bug might have some serious issues that make it unhealthy. There are certain signs you must look out for t know the true status of your relationships. These signs will help you decide when to approach your partner and have a heart to heart chat to clear things up. However, you can talk to a friend you are very comfortable with if you feel you can’t discuss it with your partner.
Here are some of the signs of unhealthy relationship:
Abandoning your family, friends, and favourite activities/hobbies: He or she is always pressuring you to abandon your loved ones or favourite hobies.
Feeling under serious pressure of being controlled. You are always feeling the heat, especially when he or she is around. You no longer look forward to his arrival from an outing because he or she has this fear factor that is unhealthy.
Feeling scared or intimidated whenever you are with your partner: Always feeling scared, sad and intimidated while in the company of your partner. In other words, if your partner is not offering you the kind of warmth and comfort you deserve, then there might be need for the two of you to have a heart to heart talk.
Making your partner the centre of all your attention: Not being able to live your life the way you want to and sort of idolising your partner even to your detriment.
Feeling lonely despite having your partner around you: Not enjoying the presence of your partner. You are with him, but your mind is focused elsewhere.
Having more sad times in the relationship than happy moments: This usually occurs when you spend the better parts of being together arguing or fighting over minor issues.
You can talk to someone you trust; especially someone with relevant experience in relationship.