Please read with an open mind.

There has been loads of arguments for and against churches and mosques paying tax to boost the nation’s economy. This is coming on the heels of jumbo income most of these religious institutions are making from their members. So rich are these institutions that their leaders fly first class when travelling out of the country. As a matter of fact, some of these religious leaders own expensive private jets. In a nutshell, our religious institutions are raking in more than expected. With this in mind, a lot of people have been calling on the government to encourage or compel them (churches, mosques, and other religious institutions) to be more responsive to the needs of the people.

In other words, their responsibilities should extend beyond the spiritual; they should do more by helping to alleviate the suffering of the people who worship in their various places of worship.

What is the way out? Do you think religious institutions should be compelled to do more for the society? Should the government make it a constitutional duty for these institutions to be more responsible to the society? What form of responsibility should the government compel them to undertake?