In this world of “flesh eats flesh,” nothing comes as a surprise to most of us. But does it get any worse when you stumble on information showing how a woman who was your maid of honour at your wedding is behind your divorce problem? Please read Tolu’s story to find out more…

Dear Iyanda, my name is Tolu, and I am right now in the middle of a frustrating divorce mess with my husband of three years.

Soji and I have only been married for three years, with our third wedding anniversary only a few weeks away. The marriage has failed to produce any child yet, but that has got nothing to do with either of us—perhaps, with time things might just work out by divine intervention.

Tolu and I have been having issues for a while now. It’s been war since last Christmas. It is so strange because we have been quarrelling over minor issues; so it is a bit curious to pinpoint the exact cause of our arguments. As a matter of fact, Tolu and I argue over everything at home, and things are not getting any better between the two of us. Nonetheless, the issues are too minor to lead to divorce; but my husband dropped me a bombshell last week.

Tolu woke me up one night and told me he wanted us to go our separate ways. I wasn’t expecting that to be honest, so it threw me off balance. I didn’t give him a reply immediately, but kept my cool because I was too shocked to believe those words could have come out of him.

Perhaps, what would pass as the most shocking discovery I have ever made in my life was when I out of luck or fate gained access to my husband’s chat messages on WhatsApp. Tolu is not the careless type who leaves his phone without locking it; but the curiosity to find out why a man I swore to be with all the days of my life would come up with talks of divorce got me working. I managed to gain access to my husband’s phone just to find out if he was cheating on me—and bam!!!

Lydia, my maid of honour on my wedding day is not only responsible for Tolu’s change of attitude, but also the brain behind the divorce talk my husband and I had the other night. I discovered they have been having an affair even before Tolu and I got married. Wow it’s a small and cruel world…

In one of their chats, Lydia asked him (Tolu) if he had discussed what he asked him to tell me; and guess what that is? Divorce!!!

I had since confronted Tolu and the only thing he could tell me is that I had no right to read his private messages. He said there was nothing he could do about what I saw and that he still wants to go ahead with the divorce.

Lydia on her part has moved out of her house and has been avoiding me; perhaps, she already knows that I have found out her dirty little secrets with my husband. She is also not picking up my calls and not replying my texts and chat messages.

I have already informed her parents and mine as well, and it’s like Tolu’s mind is made up because he won’t attend any of the meetings he is called to attend.

What should I do now?