It is almost impossible to convince some women whose hearts have been broken in the past about how much you are prepared to stick with them. I am having a difficult time convincing Janet about our future.

As the time I married her, there was no job and things were not really going as planned. As a matter of fact, she suffered and endured a lot of difficult times with me; it wasn’t an easy period those days.

Things have changed as we now have a house of our own, fleet of cars, and a buoyant company where we both run as joint owners. Janet and I both run a construction company, and I think we are doing ok. Our major breakthrough came after one of Janet’s former schoolmates helped us with a small contract, which was well executed. To God be the glory, we now have no fewer than 13 employees on our pay role.

Everything seems to be going perfectly according to plan until Janet woke me up one night and requested that we should swear to an oath. What for was the question I asked her; more so as a dedicated Christian I wasn’t expecting my wife to make such a demand. She narrated different stories of how men have been unfaithful to her and some of her friends in the past. She said she wasn’t going to take no for an answer because she wanted her future secured.

Her mind seems made up and there is no way she is going to change it until we go to a herbalist to swear to an oath.

The oath thing is not my thing—I wasn’t brought up that way, and she either takes a risk by trusting me without an oath or she stops bothering me.

That is the situation at home I write this. I just want someone to advice me on how to get out of this quagmire before Janet consumes all us with her fetish and demonic ideas.