To all my brothers out there… this is a shout out to you

Whatever the situation…whatever the condition….. “No” means “No!” my brother

No excuses…no buts

when the woman say “No!”;

It absolutely means “No!!!”

Every 2 minutes, a woman is sexually assaulted in the United States. That’s 248,700 victims in a year. The majority (73%) of sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone the victims knows or is acquainted with and believe it or not 40% of sexual assaults take place in the home. (Source: RAINN)

And before you say that’s the United States…. it is most likely happening in whatever country you are reading this article too

The bottomline is …. “Stop” when you hear the word “No”


She Said “No” – Sexual Assault Awareness Spoken Word



Source: Nate Williams

She Said “No” – Sexual Assault Awareness Spoken Word

She said “No”
Red light for tonight, “Just stop” but he heard “Go”
Brian from the third row of Calculus
But he thought they had Chemistry
Already been on 3 or 4 dates with her mentally
Thought to himself “How could I get this chick into me?
Does she even remember me? Or is she tryna Fender me?
You know, Play me kinda like guitar
Been sub-par all my life, so I never get far with
A female, Not even a wave like a sea shell…
Nice guys finish last, waiting’s lame — I want it fast

So he asked her out, to lunch at a coffee house
She smiled, declined, homework had her night tied up
He tried the next morning, but she had a meeting
She’s hoping he caught the drift, he seemed sweet, but that was it
Not her type and that’s alright
Plus she liked another guy. In fact, her and him
Were slowly becoming better friends
Had themselves a study date with latte’s, it was going great
But cut short. Like a Marine’s hair. Had to leave to take his niece
To her friend Claire’s
Kiss on the cheek, he peaced but she stayed till they closed
Thanks the waitress and strolled to the end of the road
Where she parked, it was dark, so she didn’t see him coming
Face in the dirt, hurt, then the perp said something
“Are you free now?” That voice had to be Brian’s
Tried to move, couldn’t get loose, and soon started crying

Screamed but it was muffled, moved with all her muscles
Praying someone would walk by and save her from this trouble
It was no use, he was stronger than she
Did the deed, laughed cuz this was the night of his dreams
He leaves but she’s left with the weight of defeat
Gets up and separates her summer dress from the leaves
Goes homes, takes a shower and makes her way to the sheets
Thinking who could she tell…should she call the police?
But the embarrassment is tearing her broken heart at the seams
Deciding this nights a secret that is better to keep