I just want to find out if it’s normal for a woman to treat her mum with little or no respect while treating her mother in-law to be like a queen? That pretty sums up the story of my wife to be.

My wife to be can lick my mother’s urine, wash her dirty feet, but won’t as much as wash her mother’s dirty handkerchief. Please am I safe with a woman like this? I have seen her yell at her mum several times and even refuse to run certain errands. This baffles me because I feel she is only being nice to my mum because she is not officially my wife yet.

I have asked her why she is being rude to her mum, and all she keeps saying is that her mum is too pushy. Talking about being too pushy, I think my mum does it better than her mum; she knows this because we have been together for years. However, my mum’s attitude has never encouraged me to be rude or disrespectful towards her.

Please I need your advice because this is the lady I want to get married to in the next few months or so. I feel like she is only being nice to my mum just to get me to marry her; but the way she treats and talks to her mum gives me a lot of reasons to worry.