Share Your Experiences & Get Published

There is no better teacher anywhere in the world than those 11 letter word “Experience.” Experience is the best way to learn and move to the next level in life. I am saying this because as a returnee, you need to learn from others, and also share your experiences with others. Give others opportunities to learn from what you have experienced while you have been away. This handbook is not about what I feel or what I have been through; but also an opportunity to learn from every returnee out there.

How can you be of help?

You can be of help by sharing your thoughts, your joy, your pain, and your loneliness. Tell and share with us those things that made you laugh the first time you got back home, those things that made you feel like returning back to where you came from, and those things you did that made you become a success. Even if you are still trying to catch up or make things work; don’t worry, just open up. You never know, someone out there might just be willing to offer you a couple of tips to help you get out of your shell as soon as possible.

Things you can share:

  • How you handled and managed your shocks after discovering that what you met on ground fell short of your expectations. I have seen and heard of returnees return to where they came from just because of the culture shock they experienced when they first touched down. So your decision to open up is going to help a lot of people get a great start; and they will always owe it to you.
  • Share with us how you were able to manage and handle life out there especially with those hawks who always hang around a returnee.
  • Share with us how you were able to handle your vulnerability.
  • How you were and still being able to deal with your past and present lifestyles. You should also not forget to include the pain and joy always associated with the people here and the people you left behind where you came from.
  • As a matter of fact, you need to share everything with us including food, club life, ladies, guys, and everything from the so important to the not so important.

Get published:

Did you know that the basis for all these is not so that your stories and experiences could be shoved into some pits or something; but to be published for the rest of the world to see? Yes! Your stories will be published so people can learn from you. It doesn’t matter what you think or how you see your stories; all you need is to bring it on and let’s take it up from there.

Remember that the stories are entirely yours, and no one is going to push you aside when tributes are being made. We will give honour to whom honour is due.

Kindly send your stories to