Sexual abuse is a common area of abuse effecting many people in their lives. Sexual abuse begins with a predator; this predator may attack or use molestation to get what he or she wants. Most predators are considered male, with only 2% of reported cases being that of women. Sexual abuse ranges from rape to molestation; very traumatic instances have also been reported as sexual abusers have killed and murdered their victims.

Sexual abuse involving women and rape is on the rise and carries many problems. To help combat the problems that face the sexually abused, hospitals carry “rape kits” that help get evidence to use in order to press charges using DNA results on the abuser. Also, law enforcement would be involved to arrest and provide a warrant against the abuser also.

Sexual abuse has occurred many times to children. Being fondled inappropriately by an elder has occurred or some report major include issues like intercourse with a child or teen or even, in some cases, rape. The reasons behind abuse from a known predator is not known. Some people do believe it is an illness and some believe that it is a something of physical nature and/or an activity that acts as a stimulant.

Sexual abuse is linked to many serial killers and also many molesters themselves. Many famed serial killers as Richard Ramirez ( the Night Stalker) had issues in the past of sexual abuse. This sometimes brings sexual abusers and the sexual abused into focus by saying that “he did it, so its okay for me me to do it”.

Sexual abuse can be traumatically linked sometimes to diseases such as AIDS, DID (Dissociative identity disorder) and also night terrors. Sexually abused children also may have night terrors from being molested; these are also known to be warning signs. Other warning signs include frantic behavior and hallucinations or “flashbacks” due to the severity of the sexual abuse.

In order to protect the public against those that sexually abuse, some abusers must sign up in states where they live as sexual predators. This locates them and what neighborhood they live in. It also gives their age and descriptions so that people know the whereabouts of where someone lives and how they can protect their neighbors and their children. But sometimes that’s all they can do because, in most cases, the offender will be a repeat offender.

Sexual abuse is traumatic for the abused. Sometimes suicide has occurred by someone who never was able to get help for the circumstances for which they where abused. Usually, a therapist or psychologist is needed in this span of time to help the individual heal and become able to cope with themselves and the terror that surrounds them. Also available are supports groups and hospital organizations that may help the sexually abused.

Sexual abuse has its warning signs, also from children not “playing” with certain elders or friends or crying when in their presence. Also, for women who have been raped, night terrors and also constant sobbing is another sign of recent or past abuse.