When Does Sex In Marriage Becomes Too Much?

Intimacy in marriage is what strengthens the bond between couples. Regardless of how rich a couple is, marriage without strong feelings and intimacy can lead to constant troubles and eventually into divorce.

Did you know that there are couples who go their separate ways because sexual intimacy has turned to something else or gone completely sour  ? When a man or a woman has a contrary view on how many times love should be made in a week or day, there is bound to be serious issues, and the marriage could have some problems. When is that point when a man or woman says I (we) have had too much sex, and I (we) need a break?

Can sex be too much in marriage? When can a man or a woman start complaining that he/she needs a break from sex? How many times must a couple engage in sexual intimacy in a week? Should couples go their separate ways due to the inability of one of the parties to satisfy the other? Is it right to label a woman or a man a sex freak because she/he can’t seem to have enough of love making in a week or in a day?