To find happiness is a goal many of us strive for in our daily lives.

So what does the saying, “Do. Or do not.”, have to do with happiness?

Actually this Yoda quote is, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”

We can thank whoever wrote these words for Yoda with giving us powerful words that directly apply to happiness and excitement in our lives.

Happiness is an internal idea and comes directly from thought.

A very important rule to remember is that you control your outcomes by your thoughts. Whatever you think, you are commanding the Universe to do. Let’s look at the process.

First there is thought. Any idea, program, opportunity, job, task, or anything you can name, first was a thought! It had to originate in a person’s mind.

The next step is either spoken or written. We are committing or broadcasting our thought to the world and changing it from high speed vibrational thought into a slower written or spoken speed. Once this thought has been altered in this manner, it is becoming matter. Now this thought can be made tangible by action! Do it! Make it happen!


But here is the rub which ties into Yoda’s quote. If you think “I’ll try”, you are communicating “I’ll try” to the world. That is much different that “I will” – what we think the Universe must help us do. If you tell the Universe to “try” – that is all the Universe must do!


How about this thought? “I want more money.” The Universe will give exactly what is called for every time. So if you “want more money” you will “want more money”! The key is to be very, very specific about exactly what you want. This is why goals, affirmations and visions are so important.


The next time you think, say, or write anything at all, be very conscious of what terms you use. Remember the universe must find a way to give you exactly what you ask for!


Here are some common ones I hear.

I’m tired.

I need more money.

I’m having a bad day.

And the Universe will help you get it!

Interesting, don’t you think?