Welcome Home!

Welcome back to the land that is home to the largest concentration of black people on planet earth; welcome to Nigeria! How was the feeling like? How was the feeling of living outside the country so you could attain pasture greener than back home? Did you enjoy your self or would you rather wipe it off your memory? What are your first impressions on getting back home? Are you disappointed that things didn’t turn out as expected? Maybe you are among the very few who tucked in seamlessly. Tell you something, coming back home as a returnee and slotting in comfortably is not as easy as reading the 26 letters of the alphabets.

Despite being able to mix with their loved ones and visit those places that bring back feelings of nostalgia; returnees still feel awkward in their new environment. They feel or look like a square peg in a round hole, and this can sometimes be very frustrating; it makes them feel like they have made the wrong decision to return back home. Your joy at  returning home is not quite easy to understand because your cronies back home have major problem connecting with your feelings; they find your way of life a bit odd from what they are used to.

I understand if you feel like Nigeria now looks and feels out of place because you just got back from a more developed and organised country where the excitement is always at fever pitch. Your feelings are quite normal, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. People in Nigeria always seems odd to most people that returns home; but this is not peculiar to you. The culture, the tradition, the thinking, and the lifestyle of the people back home now look so strange. Adjusting to all those things you were used to in the past is so difficult because of the number of years you spent outside of the country and things have definitely changed .

Even if you aren’t feeling the malaise of re-entry, you still have to figure out how to incorporate everything you’ve learnt abroad into your life here. This is designed to help you re-adapt to life in Nigeria. Read on for information on everything from surviving the perils of re-entry “shock” to working abroad and preparing your résumé for the future in your Homeland.

We hope this guide gives you some good ideas on how to have a successful transition back to a life in Nigeria and how to continue your journey and exploration through activities here. If you have any question or would like to discuss your return to Nigeria, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We’d love to hear from you.

We are optimist that learning from other people’s experience is the best route to achieving success much faster. You can learn and others can learn when there is a comprehensive guide to help you move ahead in life. Enjoy the best this diary has to offer you, and feel free to share your feelings, thoughts, and even joy so others can learn and also help you out.