Pursue Your Dreams

Everybody puts you down

People make you frown

Makes you feel like you’re far from the best

Always putting you through some sort of test


It feels like your life is low

Too much pain, too much sorrow

You cry every day, no one sees your tears

Everyone’s busy, no one cares for years


You see several people rise

Somehow all you feel is jealousy and despise

You’re always down, always negative

You’ve completely forgotten how to live


Every day is like a bane

You literally feel like your bound to a chain

No one looks, no ones cares

No one who has the effort to bare


All I did was feel this vibe all around

But then I heard a certain sound

The sound of a baby’s laughter

So easy and no pain or anger


I got this sudden rush of ease

It’s made my mind and body freeze

I looked up and gazed at the sky

And asked myself ‘why’?


Why waste this precious life of mine

On being mellow and not feeling fine

Instead I can laugh and enjoy

Like that little baby boy


Ignore the insults, and push the pain

Think that all these things are vain

Forget all the irrelevant things

And make my life worth living


Love the people, breathe the air

Leave each day like you don’t care

Don’t take stress, smile at your critics

Because there is nothing in this world you cannot fix

A broken heart, a missing part

Leave it all behind

Give your life a new start!


The thing I realized just that day

Completely changed my living way.

The sun sets to rise yet again

Life’s a boon not a bane.