Polygamy-Can A Man Truly Love Two Or More Women Equally?

Polygamy is having more than one spouse at a time. Though, outlawed in the western world; it remains acceptable in virtually every country in Africa. Despite the fact that the African culture and tradition allows it, some school of thoughts kicks against it and refer to it as outdated and an act of discrimination against women. Despite the hues and cries about polygamy, some women don’t see anything wrong with and continue to get attracted to men who are already married to one or more wives.

Regardless of how the proponents of polygamy try to package it and make it more presentable to the antagonists, the issue continues to raise some questions. For instance, is it possible for a man to love two or more women equally? Considering the fact that even parents sometimes have their preferences among their children; is it possible for a man to claim he loves all his wives equally and without bias?

This is a critical issue, and one that has led to severe arguments among several learned people. While proponents of the culture have advanced various reasons why this is possible, the antagonists have differed and continue to stand their ground.

Would be nice to hear from someone who is in it or who has experienced it one way or another.