Please Help! I Have Been Having Issues Getting Committed To New Relationships

I was married for three years before Dan and I got divorced and went our separate ways; and my biggest challenge is committing to a new relationship. This has been my biggest challenge, and it is taking a serious toll on me as I find it difficult to trust even men with good intentions towards me. Actually it didn’t bother me at first, but the pressure from friends and family is becoming unbearable for me, and I feel like I have been cornered to take a decision now.

How could I have known that the man I committed to marry four years ago was a devil in sheep’s skin? Dan breezed into my life at a time I was vulnerable and desperately looking for someone to settle down with. It was a hell of a time because my parents were breathing down my neck while all my friends were also getting married.

Out of the blues came Dan, and like a “sheep being led to the slaughter,” I followed his lead without asking too many questions, and my parents didn’t bother to do their check on him; but today I am the worse for it because he dumped me based on a couple of flimsy excuses I am not willing to go into at the moment.

Overcoming the heartaches that came along with Dan’s actions was not easy, and one of the problems it has caused me is getting myself to commit to another relationship. The big problem for me is that I find it difficult to trust anyone, and this is understandable based on what I have been true. As a matter of fact, I have a couple of ‘take it or leave it’ marriage offers on my emotional bed, but not sure what to do because I don’t want to be dumped again. Dan was not the first person to dump me as I also suffered a few heartbreaks while in school, but the case with him is quite different because it was a divorce.

How do I get myself to commit to a new beginning without getting my fingers burnt like the first time? Do I just bow to pressures from my parents and friends who feel that the only way to happiness for a lady is through happiness?

Please advise me because I am afraid of making the same mistake over again, and I don’t want to be addressed as a fool.